Vytek Solutions, Inc.     

VYTEK is a global integration company that provides wireless data solutions to business and government by offering a comprehensive range of wireless products and services to improve productivity. The Company is leveraging its experienced management, technical, financial and marketing expertise in both old and new economy businesses to address the convergence of emerging wireless capabilities, the Internet and legacy IT/communications environments. Vytek will focus its acquisitions, strategic relationships and organic growth plans on three strategic areas of wireless competencies:

Applications and W-Services: oriented to specific vertical markets requiring wireless data solutions and service offerings.


Professional Services: consulting, designing, integrating and supporting best-of-breed wireless data solutions and aggressively pursuing advanced technology needed to find and develop new and innovative wireless data solutions.


Infrastructure Enabling Products (Wirelessware): designing, developing and manufacturing or sub-contracting specialized, limited-production infrastructure devices for transmission and network services and RF link technology required to support short- and long-distance wireless data solutions.

Vytek believes these areas of expertise are essential to successfully integrating emerging segments of the wireless value chain. Vytek's mission is to profitably provide end-to-end wireless data solutions for enterprises and government to improve efficiencies through wireless enablement. The Company will accomplish this by acquiring, integrating and leveraging capabilities in its strategic core competencies to create the premier wireless integration company.

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