Econium is a solutions provider. Comprised of teams of seasoned client-centered business and technology professionals, we deliver .NET centric solutions with speed and agility. Combining functional expertise with a unique ability to comprehend business issues and a revolution in technology, Econium delivers business value that quickly and measurably maps to a client's bottom line.

Econium recognizes that the .NET initiative from Microsoft is a significant and fundamental shift in software applications and platforms. The future of computing will be to compartmentalize business processes into dynamic services that function at a more refined level, allowing companies to reuse and maintain these web services with substantially lower costs and reduced risk. This constitutes nothing less than a revolution in the way that applications are approached. At an early stage in this revolution, Econium has positioned itself to take advantage of this ubiquitous approach and gain the thought leadership position in the delivery of services (as opposed to applications).


Instead of building huge end-to-end custom application-based projects, Econium uniquely understands business potential focusing on smaller, incremental -- not monumental -- projects, which have a high impact on the client's bottom line. Clients see measurable results in 3-4 weeks, as opposed to 6 months or a year. As the business value is being realized from one incremental assignment, Econium begins working side by side with our clients on delivering .NET capabilities to their next business issue, thus creating a faster to value continuum.


Econium's iterative delivery methodology promotes a high level of client partnering and interaction, ensuring that customer satisfaction is maintained from start to finish. Its size and agility is an integral asset, enabling Econium to make quick decisions and anticipate technology and market dynamics, rather than react to them. For clients the difference is obvious: speed, precision and understanding of their business needs. By providing customized Web Service integration tailored to a company's specific needs, goals and IT infrastructure, Econium transforms under-utilized, disconnected technologies into real-time, dynamic, productive power sources for corporations, their representatives in the field, and their customers.


Econium leverages a company's information assets and existing technology with its core competencies in knowledge sharing (Collaboration, Portals, Data Mining), process and eCommerce (Exchanges, B2B, B2C, B2E) to build reusable knowledge and data web service components across multiple channels, placing critical data into the hands of employees and customers when and where they need it in real time, improving productivity, reducing the time to market, reducing risk, and lowering the development costs for clients which directly impacts their bottom line.

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