DePippo & Company

DePippo & Company brings a wealth of knowledge from 25 years of experience in all sectors of the food industry. From manufacturing and processing to each segment of the market, this company understands what it takes to be successful in today's competitive marketplace.

DePippo & Company offers the following professional consulting services to clients in the manufacturing/processing, restaurant and retail sectors of the food industry:

Consumer and Business-to-Business market research.

Strategic business planning.

A strategic approach to new business development in all market segments.


Organizational assessment & analysis to maximize productivity.


Acquisition plan development and analysis from a marketing perspective.


Assistance in developing new products that meet customer and market requirements.


Marketing and sales plan development.

DePippo & Company is a "hands-on" firm that guarantees customer satisfaction. Joe DePippo personally conducts all client work and develops the recommendations, final report, and presentation of the findings. With his extensive experience in the beef and poultry industries, from an operations, sales, marketing, product development and general management perspective, Joe is able to provide a unique industry insight that many simply do not have.

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