Internet Company (Start-up)

Assumed responsibilities of CIO and COO for start-up internet company. Intimately involved with strategic and financial planning of organization for IPO. Handled responsibilities normally relegated to subordinate staff members.

Within IS&T, managed projects outsourced to three separate vendors including:
  contract negotiation
  application design and analysis
  project and system interfaces
  project documentation
  user acceptance testing
  QA/QC of deliverables
Responsible for delivery of four applications:
  e-commerce for medical supplies
  medical office practice web sites
  patient satisfaction surveys
  personalized medical libraries
Designed office requirements for hardware, software, wiring, and communications.
Within organization operations:
  designed organization's structure
  created benefits matrices, job titles, job descriptions and position levels
  wrote ads and negotiated advertisement
  reviewed and recommended changes for preliminary ISO
  created employee contracts and initial stock option packages
  acted as human resource consultant for staff members
  performed role of corporate executive assistant including project documentation, project archivist, meeting manager, office manager, and purchaser
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